10 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Painting Your Nails

  1.  Just three strokes and you’re fine. When polishing your nails, its ideal you paint with just three strokes. Begin by dipping the brush into the jug and getting a tolerable measure of nail polish on the edges. Beginning at the base of your nail, stroke the brush to one side, to the other side, and finally, down to the center. You’re done!

nail polish2. Always remember to use a base coat. It may cost you some additional money but it essential for the colored polish on your nails to grip on. It will also help our manicure to last a few additional days longer, and prevent the pigmented paint from changing the color of your nails.

3. Make use of your old lip brush to help clean up the edges of your nail. It is normal to have colors of the lines but when it involves DND nails, you have no option but to be concise with your cleaning procedure. It is recommended that you take your old lip brush, dip it in the polish remover and swipe it around the nails beds to tidy up the edges.

4. Make sure you look for the appropriate white. White polishes are trendy and have a great look so if you’re picking out a white polish, ensure it is creamy, thick and does not go too streaky or sheer. For you to be sure it isn’t too opaque, wipe a little of it around the bottle and see if it sheer. If it is, then the polish does not contain the necessary amount of pigment.

5. Avoid SNS gelous color that dry up too fast. They can dry out and dehydrate your nails sometimes.

6. Always apply cuticle oil to your cuticles. Doing this to your nails regularly will always give you the I-just-stepped-out-of-the-salon look. The oil ensures your nails are always hydrated. At that point, apply it over your whole nail after you’ve painted your nails Also in the event that you inadvertently hit them against any surface, the oil offers some slip, so your polish does not get scratched off right away.

7. Holding your hands under cold water for a bit makes the polish dry a bit faster after painting. However, holding them for too long is not recommended.

8. For your opi gel polish to be much brighter, apply a dark or white shade as the first layer before applying anything else. opi gel polish have a tendency to be sheer, so this helps influence them to appear to be bolder and thicker.

9. Apply very thin layers of polish. When applying polish to your nails and you need them to dry up quicker, apply three thin coats contrasted with maybe a couple gloppy layers, since they don’t easily get dry.

10. Store your nail polish in a dark, dry and cool place, ideally your refrigerator. When you store them in cool or icy places, the cold helps your polish to last much longer since sunllight or heat can take a toll on the polish and sometimes change its color.

There you have it.