10 Nail Polish Mistakes We All Make


Most of us are guilty of committing mistakes when having our nails done on our own. When you find yourself in the same situation, remember that everybody else had some time in their lives have failed in creating the perfect nails that they want to have. It can be totally embarrassing, but you can learn from them and just laugh everything off after a while. After all, no one is perfect. To fail is equivalent to be human.

Nail Polish

Here are the top 10 nail polish mistakes that many of us may have done or are still doing until now:


  1. Not preparing the nail surface well. Filing the edges of the nails and buffing the nail surface properly are also needed in preparing the surface of the nails. Doing these will allow the polish to set firmly on the nails and create a better finish.


  1. Starting on a greasy nail surface. Though it is necessary to rehydrate the nails after filing and buffing, it is best to wait for the nails to be completely done before applying cuticle oil on the nail surface. Starting off with an oily surface will make it difficult for the nail polish formula to cling on the nails.


  1. Using an sns nails old polish. Though it is not totally true, still having a fresh nail coat other than what you have used for the past few months will leave a better-looking finish. You can still use the old polish only if it is still thin enough and can be applied without forming bubbles on your nails. If you do not have any other option but to use an old bottle of your favorite polish, make sure to thin out the formula first before using it. You also need to make sure that the nail paint has not passed its expiration date as its texture, consistency, as well as its color, may change if it does.


  1. Not using a base coat. The base coat acts like a primer and lengthens the wearability of your nail polish, so if you think that you can use just the nail color that you want and skip the base coat, think again. The base coat serves as an anchor and increases the adhesive property of the nail color on your nails.


  1. Not using the top coat. Just as the base coat is important to have perfectly polished nails, it is also necessary that a top coat is applied on the nails. Doing so will make the nails looking shinier and will prevent the edges of the nails from chipping off or breaking.


  1. Avoiding the cuticle area. When painting the nails, you need to get as close as possible to the cuticle without actually painting over it. To do this, apply a light pressure near the cuticle and gently spread the brush out. You would not want to go on a single stroke either as it may not be enough to cover the whole surface and might leave you an unevenly painted nail. Instead, you need to swipe from the left to the right then down the center to the tip of the nail to cover the whole surface evenly.


  1. Applying a thick coat at once. This will make it longer, if not possible for the nail paint to dry out. Instead, apply a thin and even coat and wait a couple of minutes before applying a second then a third coat (depending on the depth of the color that you want to have on your nails). Applying a thick coat will also increase the chance of smudging the edges of the nails near the skin. For a cleaner and easier application, apply a thin coat first. Then, just add additional coats to provide a more solid covering for your nails.


  1. Using an acetone remover. Using a nail polish remover with a high acetone content can easily dry and weaken nails and the skin surrounding the nail. There are other natural polish removers you can use to remove an old nail polish like hot water, toothpaste, baking soda, even a fresh polish. If you need to have your nails done next time, you can opt for alternatives than your regular acetone-based nail polish remover.


  1. Taking a shower after having a manicure or a pedicure. Ask any technician and you won’t hear anyone who would not advise of allowing the polish to rest properly before having a shower. That means overnight.


  1. Going to bed after having a manicure. Just like having a shower or having your hands under running water, going to bed after having your nails done will also ruin your manicure or pedicure. Allow a few hours to the polish is completely dry before doing so.

All That You Need to Know About Acne


All That You Need to Know About Acne

Remember those years when you were still a teenager and dealing with pimples problem? Well, some people moved on from that phase of their lives. Some people still deal with breakouts every once in a while. Have you ever wondered, what exactly causes acne? Have you ever questioned yourself how you can fix this thing?

Oh, the stress of dealing with acne problem can be overwhelming. Especially if you are someone who loves makeup, applying products can cause even more reactions. But you should never feel like acne is the thing that is holding you back. If you understand the causes and how to handle it, you will be good. In this article, we will share you some tips on how you can manage your acne problems. Keep reading to find out more.

The Common Causes of Acne

In the USA, acne is the most common skin problems. Even though the presence of acne is not fatal, it can be very painful and overwhelming. And, due to society’s point of view, those with severe acne problem tends to suffer emotional distress as well. For the majority of teenagers, this can impact their self-esteem. Often, severe acne problem will lead to permanent scars on the skin.

Some of the most common causes of acne include having too much oil accumulated in your follicles. You might also have many dead skin cells and bacteria all building up in your pores. When they are too much of bad kinds of stuff in your skin, it will definitely cause acne. Other than that, certain types of food will also trigger acne. These include:

  • Bread
  • Bagels
  • Potato Chips
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dairy Products
  • Ice Cream
  • Soda
  • Pizza

If you are constantly eating the majority of this food, the causes of your acne might be due to them. In order for you to be able to treat your acne, you have to control the intakes of these foods. Of course, we can’t really avoid the cravings. But if you fuel the cravings with more than what you should have consumed, that’s where the problem lies in.

Multiple Types of Acne Treatment

There are multiple types of acne treatment which you can try. Some of the common ones include you naturally dealing with them first. However, while treating your acne, it is very important for you not to trigger them by doing some of these:

  • Over cleansing your skin with harsh cleansers and chemicals
  • Picking your skin blemishes
  • Not giving your skin enough chance to adapt to new products
  • Letting your skin staying dehydrated
  • Not patient enough to treat your acne

These are just some of the most common mistakes that people tend to make. They say they want to treat their acne but still ended up making these mistakes. When it comes to treatments, they include:

  • Topical medications such as benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol, salicylic acid, sulfur, and tretinoin
  • Systemic therapy that includes antibiotics and multiple medications
  • Light therapy devices for acne problem
  • Proper cleaning and exfoliating sessions
  • Eating the right food

If you do all of these, you can be sure that your acne will be healed quickly. You should also visit a dermatologist for a better understanding of your problem if you are struggling with severe acne.

Prevention of Acne Problem

All kinds of health-related problems should be prevented rather than cured. This is because preventing it from happening is a lot easier compared to treating it. This rings true with acne as well. If you want to have smooth skin and blemish-free, you should not be lazy in taking care of yourself.

Always Clean Your Makeup Brushes – 72% of women around the world never clean their makeup sponges or brushes. This is where the dirt and bacteria can be found the most. It is common to see a woman having breakouts just because of her dirty makeup brushes and sponges.

Eat Mixed Nuts – Some of the nuts that you should eat include walnuts and Brazil nuts. This is because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. Both of these can improve the elasticity of the skin and lower the skin inflammation problem.

Use Face Serum – When compared to lotion or face cream, serums are much more concentrated. All you need is just a small amount of it daily and you will start seeing the results. It gives your skin that smooth and firm-looking appearance that you are looking. This is because it supports the structure of your skin. To get the best results, you should apply face serum right after you wash your face. Then, apply either moisturizer or sunscreen.

Hit The Sack Early – Oh, we can’t stress how important beauty sleep is! Everyone needs to understand that sleep deprivation leads to lower blood circulation. This is why you tend to look pale when you suffer from lack of sleep. Cut down the time you have on your smartphones when it comes to bedtime. Avoid interacting with any technology and focus on trying to sleep early at night.

Stay Out of Steamy Shower – Everyone loves warm water. But it’s actually not good for your skin. Not only will it creates a mild burn, it can also heat strip essential oils. As you age, it can take longer for your body to recover from a hot shower. Try not to take a steamy shower too often. When washing your face, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. If you end it with warm water, you risk your skin being exposed to bacteria throughout the day.

Use Light Therapy For Acne – It is proven by studies that light therapy is actually very good for the skin. Not only will the right light therapy be able to enhance your mood, your mind and body will also benefit from it. There are many LED light therapy home devices which you can buy in the market these days.

All of these simple tips may seem unimportant but they are crucial if you want to fight against acne problems. If you make sure you do all of them as part of your life routine, you will be able to treat your acne.

Management Tips for Acne Problem

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. If you don’t treat it right, it will betray you. Even scientists admitted that they don’t truly understand acne. There is no formal cure for it but we can always avoid it. When it comes to skincare, preventing always the cure for every skin problem. Make sure your pores are not clogged up. Make sure you eat enough vegetables. Make sure you practice good workout sessions. All of these will contribute to a better skin appearance. And, even if none of these work well, you can always visit a dermatologist today and let professionals take good care of your skin for you.

Belly Skin Care During Pregnancy


About 75% – 95% of pregnant women end up developing stretch marks (a.k.a pregnancy marks or striae gradarum) on their bellies. As one of these expecting moms, even while your concerns mostly focus on keeping your baby safe and healthy inside your tummy, you still want to be seen as beautiful as you can be on the outside. Unfortunately, with stretch marks that seem to grow with the baby inside your belly, as well as other skin challenges that call your attention, it may not be easy to feel 100% positive throughout the day.

What are pregnancy marks?

These pregnancy marks become noticeable as the skin is stretched like when you build up body fat or as the baby inside your womb develops. They are actually scar formations that develop on the tissues supporting the skin and appears as a silvery white hue. They represent the small tears in the collagen as it starts to break off from the skin. They first appear as reddish or purple in color. They gradually fade to a pale or silvery white hue and the skin within the area is quite soft to touch. These pregnancy marks are not painful and usually fade after pregnancy. For some, however, it takes a long time for these marks to totally fade off. At times they seem to be impossible to erase.

What are the causes of these pregnancy marks?

There are other causes of stretch marks appearing on the skin other than the growing baby inside your belly. Lack of normal hydration can also cause stretch marks to be visible. This generally makes the skin dry and quite difficult to stretch. The expansion on the part of the belly and other parts of the body leaves these marks. For this reason, doctors and other health experts recommend that you hydrate regularly, especially during pregnancy. You might also need to use a belly cream for pregnancy and incorporate it into your belly skin care routine to maintain moisture and minimize the signs of pregnancy marks.

Another reason for concern is your diet. Note that the skin will regain and retain its elasticity when it receives the right nutrients it needs. If your body does not get the right amount of food it needs to supply both you and your baby’s nutritional needs, your skin will likewise suffer. The skin requires substances such as vitamins E, C, and A, fatty acids, zinc and selenium for your skin to reflect that youthful glow.

How intense can these marks get?

There are several factors that may affect the intensity of stretch that you may get. This phenomenon is dependent primarily on your genetic make-up. Normally, anyone who sees a closer family member having these pregnancy marks will also have a great probability of getting them.

It’s not all heredity, the intensity of the marks may also greatly depend on the weight you gain during pregnancy. Hence, a mom expecting multiple births at once will definitely see a more severe case of pregnancy marks, most notably on the belly.

How do you prevent these pregnancy marks?

As mentioned earlier, pregnancy marks may develop in other parts of the body, not just on your belly. You may see them on your hips, buttocks, thighs, and even on your breasts. As a majority of expecting moms experience these marks during pregnancy, it is a must that you know how to treat them.

The easiest way to deal with unsightly skin changes is to use a belly cream for pregnancy.However, not all pregnancy creams are created equal. Thus, you have to be very cautious when choosing the right cream, as well as other pregnancy products, that you may need to use. Parabens, Phthalates, Retinol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are just a few of the ingredients that you have to watch out for. It is best to choose organic when selecting what would be best to touch your skin.

As also mentioned already, maintaining a properly nourished and hydrated skin will lessen the probability of you having stretch marks. You need to be sensitive to the signals that your body gives. You will know when it is time to hydrate or fuel it with the right food if you would just listen to it closely.

Finally, take note of your belly skin care routine during pregnancy. If you think that your experiencing severe pregnancy marks, however, a visit to your health practitioner will be the best thing to do. As always, taking care of yourself and your baby even at the onset of pregnancy is a must to ensure that you will have a healthy pregnancy.

10 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Painting Your Nails

  1.  Just three strokes and you’re fine. When polishing your nails, its ideal you paint with just three strokes. Begin by dipping the brush into the jug and getting a tolerable measure of nail polish on the edges. Beginning at the base of your nail, stroke the brush to one side, to the other side, and finally, down to the center. You’re done!

nail polish2. Always remember to use a base coat. It may cost you some additional money but it essential for the colored polish on your nails to grip on. It will also help our manicure to last a few additional days longer, and prevent the pigmented paint from changing the color of your nails.

3. Make use of your old lip brush to help clean up the edges of your nail. It is normal to have colors of the lines but when it involves nail polish, you have no option but to be concise with your cleaning procedure. It is recommended that you take your old lip brush, dip it in the polish remover and swipe it around the nails beds to tidy up the edges.

4. Make sure you look for the appropriate white. White polishes are trendy and have a great look so if you’re picking out a white polish, ensure it is creamy, thick and does not go too streaky or sheer. For you to be sure it isn’t too opaque, wipe a little of it around the bottle and see if it sheer. If it is, then the polish does not contain the necessary amount of pigment.

5. Avoid SNS gelous color that dry up too fast. They can dry out and dehydrate your nails sometimes.

6. Always apply cuticle oil to your cuticles. Doing this to your nails regularly will always give you the I-just-stepped-out-of-the-salon look. The oil ensures your nails are always hydrated. At that point, apply it over your whole nail after you’ve painted your nails Also in the event that you inadvertently hit them against any surface, the oil offers some slip, so your polish does not get scratched off right away.

7. Holding your hands under cold water for a bit makes the polish dry a bit faster after painting. However, holding them for too long is not recommended.

8. For your opi gel polish to be much brighter, apply a dark or white shade as the first layer before applying anything else. opi gel polish have a tendency to be sheer, so this helps influence them to appear to be bolder and thicker.

9. Apply very thin layers of polish. When applying polish to your nails and you need them to dry up quicker, apply three thin coats contrasted with maybe a couple gloppy layers, since they don’t easily get dry.

10. Store your nail polish in a dark, dry and cool place, ideally your refrigerator. When you store them in cool or icy places, the cold helps your polish to last much longer since sunllight or heat can take a toll on the polish and sometimes change its color.

There you have it.

Your Guide to the Perfect At-Home Pedicure


After a long winter of tough boots and fleece socks, the sandals season is finally here. Now you’re thinking, what’s an ideal approach to get into the soul of spring and feel totally sandal-ready? A rich DIY pedicure, obviously!

the Perfect At-Home Pedicure

Stage 1: Soak

Begin with perfect, clean free nails. Fill a bowl (or your bath) with warm water and add body wash, hand soap, dish soap or any soap of your choice. Place your feet in it and allow it to soak for a few minutes.

Stage 2: File

Take out your feet and scrub them with a foot file while they’re slightly wet, concentrating on the rougher territories. Some foot files come with a fine and coarse grain. Begin with the coarser grain to file calluses and then move to the fine grain side to smoothen it gradually. It doesn’t matter what side of the grain you use because both sides can get the job done.

Stage 3: Scrub

After the scrubbing session, dunk your feet over into the bowl to wash and after that, wipe it clean with a damp towel. Some scrubs contains chili pepper oil so it is imperative you wash your hands after this stage.

Stage 4: Shape

It is absolutely the right time to bring your manicured Kit to shape and clip your nails. Ensure you clip each of the nails straight out and then, use an emery board underneath the edge to tenderly smoothen and shape each nail. The next step is vital so your cuticles can be soft and you can prevent your nails from damaging.

Stage 5: Cuticles

Apply a few drops of cuticle softener and Remover to each of the nail bases. Allow your nails a few minutes so the cuticle softener can soak up and do its job. After that, it is time to get your cuticle pusher to work.

Lay the bended end of the pusher on your nail plate and gently push back your cuticles.

Wash your feet thoroughly so the residual cuticle softener can be cleaned off your nails. Wipe it clean.

Stage 6: Polish

Insert toe separators between all toes on the two feet, and sit in a position that you can easily access your feet. Apply a base coat and allow it to dry for a few minutes. After that, you polish the nails! Apply maybe a couple layers of shading and after that, finish it up with a final layer of your favorite top coat. For a lasting and smooth pedicure, apply a thin layer of polish and give it a few minutes to dry up before proceeding with the next.

Stage 7: Mint Condition

Apply some fresh Mint Condition to your feet after your polish is completely dried up. Squeeze the required amount into your hands and apply them onto the top and bottom of both your feet.

After this step, you are done! What precedes this is to get your sandals from your closet because this awesome pedicure ought to be flaunted.

There are a lot of DIY pedicure tips but these are for you


Imagine this: It’s terribly hot out there and the sun is at its peak. You will definitely wear shoes to protect your feet. In the event that you figured out how to keep them fit as a fiddle throughout the entire winter, congrats! Just know there are several ways you can still keep your feet safe. This way, you won’t spend half your shoe budget on just your nails.

a lot of DIY pedicure tips

Begin in the shower

Your shower fundamentally acts like a sophisticated steam room, which mollifies the layers of dead skin on your feet and providing the perfect opportunity to deal with that dead skin. Whenever you’re having your bath, scrub your feet with an exfoliating scrub. In case you’re suffering calluses, stash a foot file in your bathroom and use it once or twice a week to take care of the dead skin. If you’re hoping to fix your nails later, apply Julep Essential Cuticle Oil or any lovely moisturizing oil to it. The oil infiltrates the skin more rapidly than moisturizer and acts like a treatment

Stay away from clippers unless it’s extremely essential

Nail clippers can turn out to be weapons sometimes. Alright, not so much yet they can hurt you if you don’t use them with care. In case you’re utilizing one to trim your toenails, be mindful so as not to cut them right where the dead nail starts. Clipping toenails too short can prompt a higher possibility of creating up an ingrown nail so it is ideal you work with a nail file that just doesn’t alter the shape of the nail. Different people have different nail shapes so it is possible that your nails are not long enough to be clipped any way.

Go easy on the nail polish

A lot of women tragically try to do thicker layers of polish with the goal that they get the shading as it shows up in the container in a solitary application. Be a smart customer when choosing friendly and safe nail products, kiara sky gel polish or sns nail powder is an option for you. However, if you wind up finishing an entire bottle of polish o your nails, they end up more inclined to chipping. Instead, it should be three strokes for every nail—at most—and two layers is enough while allowing a few minutes for each coat to be dried up properly.

Keep up all that diligent work

If you are diligent about nurturing and taking care of your feet, then it is absolutely not necessary to shell out for another pedicure the rest of the summer. You can if you want to but you can always save cash by opting for DIY methods. Put on socks always and apply cream and cuticle oil all over the feet at least once weekly. Wear it overnight and you’ll be welcomed to gentler and smoother feet with no last-minute trek to the salon required.


Between acrylic, gel and dipped nails, which is actually better?


Is there such a mind-bending concept as non-harming fake nails? Will customary acrylic gels and nails harm our nails? What is the slightest hurtful strategy?

Between acrylic, gel and dipped nails, which is actually better?

Actually yes, there are a few reasons applying customary acrylic for a prolonged period may cause harm to your nail bed. The damages are visible after you take off the conventional acrylic extensions. Allergies, brittle nails, chipped, weak, infected and even discolored nails can be the result of applying fake nails.

Not flexible stiff customary acrylics are firm and this is not the case of dipped or gel nails that are flexible. In the event that you hit the nails against something hard, it could severely separate the nails from the bed or in a fair case, it can cause trauma to the nails

Parasitic or bacterial Infections: These may happen because of injury or wrong utilization of the fake nails. Bumping the nails can cause a gap in between them and this can provide a passageway for bacteria. In addition, Bacterial contamination, for the most part, happens after an injury to the nail.

Dangerous Smell: Some fluid monomers contain brutal chemicals, for example, MMA, which may harm your wellbeing. MMA may cause asthma and hypersensitivities.

Unsafe chemicals: There are sorts of conventional acrylics that contains risky substance toluene and formaldehyde. A few of them may state toluene can cause some medical issues, yet it has not yet been ascertained.

Customary acrylic nails removal: The evacuation strategy for conventional acrylic nails is likely the longest. You should give your nails a chance to absorb off 100% of the acetone for a few minutes. Give an expert a chance to treat it because doing it the wrong way could cause harm to your nails.

Why do folks still use it?

Customary Acrylics are solid and strong, which implies the nail treatment will stand the test of time. Gel nails, for instance, are not as solid and sturdy and ordinarily won’t last long.

Tip: Acrylics contain Flammable fixings so keep them far from dryers, strengtheners and hair curlers.



At times, wrong gel nails evacuation can make some harm your nail bed. A few people attempt to peel the gel but in the process, the top layer is pulled off along with the gel.

Harsh chemicals: BHA is contained in a few gel brands so stay away from them.

Gel nails are not as sturdy as the dipped nails and conventional acrylics. They normally last around 3 weeks and starts getting chipped later on while gel nails do not last that long.

UV light-Gel nails require curing light to complete. Exposing them to long durations of UV light is bad for your health. LED lights are ideal and the exposure time to the light is lessened.

Tip: When utilizing the UV/LED nail light, apply some sun cream to your hands and put on unique gloves to limit introduction to the UV light. And Use some nail-friendly nail polish products as: dnd gel polish, kiara sky nail polish

Adaptability: Gel nails are not as solid as the conventional acrylics; this is the reason Gel nails have a natural look as opposed to customary acrylics.

Gel nails Removal: You should give your nails a chance to absorb off 100% of the acetone for a few minutes.



Dipped nails are a better option. If you are looking for perfection in the form of a manicure, you can get it in the blink of an eye. The nail dipping technique is simple and quick and the outcomes are awesome. Dipped nails are adaptable yet tough and solid. No UV Led curing light required, it does not smell and o sculpting is required. The dipping powders are available in an extraordinary assortment of hues.Sns nail powder is the top choice for you.

5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season


I’m one of those ‘everything in moderation’ people. Even moderation. And over the holidays, I definitely give myself some wiggle room. While I do eat pretty healthy in my daily life, the holidays get a bit crazy with the eating and drinking. I don’t completely let go of my healthy habits, though.

Here are a few important tips to help you stay happy and healthy this holiday season.

  1. I eat regular meals. I make sure that I am being mindful of snacking between meals and making sure I’m eating regularly throughout the day so that I don’t overindulge and make myself sick during the main dinner event. It is important to eat regular meals even though you know there will be a huge feast. Not only does eating regularly ensure that your energy levels stay stable so that you can actually enjoy the company of your family and friends, it also prevents you from eating a whole bunch of crap that you wouldn’t normally eat if you were thinking clearly (which you are not if you haven’t eaten all day).
  2. I eat lots of vegetables. I always like to make sure I’m eating vegetables during the holidays-whether it be as appetizers or as part of the main meal. Eating vegetables helps me get the nutrients I need to stay energized and healthy, and it also helps to fill my stomach with healthy food instead of stuffing my face with sugary dessert.
  3. I only have one portion of dessert. While I do indulge in dessert during holiday meals, I only have ONE serving of dessert. It’s okay to indulge a little bit and enjoy yourself, but I like to put boundaries around my indulgences. And having one piece of pie is such a treat, you don’t really need more. Unless you want to…in that case, go for it!
  4. I am active. Besides the eating, I also always try to get in some form of physical activity during the holidays. Although this year there will not be any snow at Christmas, we have a tradition of snow shoeing on Christmas Eve and sometimes Christmas morning with my mom and her husband. I’m sure we will start a walking tradition this year, because of the lack of snow…It’s really important to get physical activity not only to help keep you healthy but also to re-energize you and get you back in a good mood (if you were feeling a bit irritated after spending too much time with relatives).
  5. I have fun. I just let myself enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. I don’t carry my phone around or bring my computer with me. I just sit and chat and laugh with them. It’s the best part of Christmas. At least for me. And this is actually the most important thing I want you to get out of this post. Enjoy the holidays, and do what makes you feel good. If eating an extra slice of pie or drinking an extra glass of wine makes you feel good, I’m not here to judge. I believe that you should ENJOY your life every day, but if the only way for you to achieve your goals is to be rigid with your rules, please, PLEASE, do something that makes you feel good during the holidays! Remember: it doesn’t have to involve food!

Tell me how YOU plan on making this holiday season happy and healthy in the comments below. I’d love to hear how you stay on track during the holidays or if you just throw your hands in the air and say “I give up!” and eat all the dessert.

Happy Holidays!

But I don’t eat sugar: 3 simple tips to reduce your sugar intake


We’ve all heard the terrible stories about sugar causing obesity, diabetes, rotting teeth, and hyperactivity in children. But there are SO many other sequelae that are caused by sugar. I’m not going to get into these here, because that would require a whole other blog post.

To start, here are a few simple tips to help get you started on your crusade to eliminate sugar from your diet:

  1. If it’s packaged, put it back. Most packaged foods have added sugar. Think cereal, cookies, candies, and other packaged foods. These have a TON of added sugar, as well as other fake ingredients that you should stay away from. If you MUST buy packaged foods, make sure you can pronounce the ingredients on the package, look out for sugar as one of the first ingredients (check out this article on different names for sugar: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Other-Names-Sugar-Appear-Labels-810571), and read the nutrition facts to see how many grams of sugar are in one serving. When you start reading food labels, you will realize just how much sugar is in your favourite packaged items.
  2. Stay away from flavoured foods. Do you really enjoy the taste of strawberry yogurt or apple cinnamon oatmeal? Of course you do. That’s because there is a TON of sugar! You may think you’re taking a step in the right direction by purchasing these �?healthy’ items because the food industry tells us that we are, but take a closer look at the nutrition facts. I’m not telling you to eat plain oatmeal or greek yogurt, because let’s be honest, they taste pretty bland without anything added to them! Instead of purchasing pre-flavoured food items, which notoriously have a ton of added sugar and chemical ingredients, try purchasing the original, plain version and then sweeten and flavour with natural foods like fresh or frozen berries, maple syrup or honey, and some cinnamon. It’s so much better to ADD flavour and know what’s in your food, than to purchase it pre-flavoured.
  3. Stick to water as much as possible for your beverages. I know drinking orange juice for breakfast is a tradition, but if you look at the amount of sugar in the juice you are buying, you will be shocked! Sports recovery drinks, soft drinks, and energy drinks are not only full of artificial colors and flavours, they are packed with sugar. So stick to water as much as possible. You can drink water plain, or add lemon, fruit, or drink it hot as tea or coffee.

What are some other tips that you can recommend to help people cut back on sugar? Share them in the comments.

How to be more productive in life and business


Hi there!

I wanted to write this blog post because I know you are overwhelmed with everything you have going on…taking care of the kids, keeping up with the house cleaning, cooking healthy meals, getting to the gym, trying to start a business…the list goes on.

I know it seems like there is just not enough time in the day to get it all done. I get it because I’ve been there!

I remember when I first started my business, I was finishing up my doctorate degree, working on my health coaching certification, working part-time as a research assistant, trying to stay healthy, struggling to find time to see my friends, and trying to figure out what the heck I had to do to start a business.

I’ll admit it. I was totally overwhelmed and some days I felt like it was not worthwhile. Can you relate?

Anyway, I was able to get out of this rut with a few simple steps that I continue to use to this day. Not only has my business productivity soared, so has my health and my life in general.

Here is the step-by step that I follow to increase productivity in life and business:

  1. Sit down on Sunday or Monday (whatever works best for you) and get out your calendar. Whether you use an agenda or paper calendar or online calendar, it doesn’t matter. USE IT. *Pro tip: I like to have the entire week in front of me, so if you don’t already have a calendar, try to get one that allows you to visualize your entire week all at once.
  2. Write down all appointments, meetings, client calls, etc that have been scheduled for the week. These can be business-related and personal. For example: dentist appointments, hair cuts, etc.
  3. Write down all appointments with yourself. For example: self-care, personal development, massage, yoga class/gym, etc. You might think it is silly to schedule appointments with yourself but think of how often you get through the entire day and don’t have time to go to the gym, meditate, do yoga, etc. The KEY is making this a priority in your schedule so that you TAKE the time for you. *Pro tip: Schedule your Me time at the same time each day (I recommend you schedule it first thing when you wake up) so that it becomes part of your routine and is non-negotiable.
  4. Schedule in weekly business activities. If you do not already have a list of business activities that you do weekly, it’s time to create one. Here’s what mine look like: Record and edit video on Monday, write email on Tuesday, coaching calls / client fulfillment on Wednesdays and Thursdays, write email on Friday. Once you have your list of business activities, block out time in your calendar to complete each task. This is my base schedule that repeats every week unless I’m at an event or on vacation, in which case, I adjust my schedule. But, the important piece is consistency and knowing what you need to do every day and every week. Having this base schedule keeps you focused and takes you out of overwhelm.
  5. Write down what your ONE business focus is for the week and the steps to complete. If you are selling your coaching services, your focus should be on getting sales calls. If you are hosting a webinar at the end of the week, your focus should be to complete all elements to prepare for the webinar. Write out what steps you need to do in order to successfully complete this business focus at the end of the week. *Pro tip: Do not give yourself more than one business focus for the week.
  6. Schedule the tasks within your business focus into your calendar. Block out time slots to complete each step. *Pro tip: 1. Do not give yourself more than THREE tasks per day in your business, and get these three tasks done FIRST (after your Me time). 2. Have a list of things you would like to do in your business but that are not necessarily of utmost importance. These will come in handy when you finish your three tasks with a ton of time to spare and wonder what to do next!
  7. Take a look at your calendar and get excited for the week ahead!

Once you have completed these steps, here are a few things you you will notice…

  1. Your calendar is actually not that overloaded and there is still plenty of time to do the household chores, pick up the kids at soccer practice, and take time to relax.
  2. By prioritizing your business tasks and not trying to do everything at once, you will see that it takes a lot less time to accomplish your business goals.
  3. Not only will your business grow more quickly even though you are spending less time working on it, you will have more time to have a life and you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying it because your business tasks have been handled.
  4. Now that you know what your business focus is at all times, you no longer have to stress out over what to do next, so you can be much more calm and enjoy your life that much more.

This process is really a win for both life and business, isn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found my step-by-step process useful! If you did, please share this post and comment below with your biggest take away.

I can’t wait to see how you incorporate this into your own life!

Lots of love,