Know How the Kiara Sky Monomer Enhancer Upgrades Your Acrylic Nails


Conventional nail polish has gone out of fashion with the arrival of new manicures like acrylic, gel polish, and dip powders. Similarly, acrylic nails gradually phase out because of their inherent demerits like extended drying times, toxic chemicals, etc. Besides, acrylic nail is the most challenging manicure compared to gel polish and dip powder. But the positive aspect is that acrylic nail is the most durable. So, it can regain its popularity if we can speed up its drying and setting process. Kiara Sky monomer enhancer, an innovative product, can help upgrade acrylic nails to a different level by expediting the drying process and enhancing their overall strength.

How Does Kiara Sky Monomer Enhancer Work?

Kiara Sky nail Monomer Enhancer

Monomer enhancers improve the monomer’s performance by reducing drying times and enabling maximum adhesion. Thus, they upgrade the acrylic powder’s consistency and make it easy to apply and retain for extended periods. A few drops of Kiara Sky nail monomer enhancer are sufficient for enhancing the monomer’s performance. Let us now discuss the benefits of using the Kiara Sky monomer enhancer.

Benefits of Kiara Sky Monomer Enhancer

Kiara Sky has introduced the monomer enhancer that can boost the monomer’s performance and popularize acrylic nails. Here are its advantages. Continue reading

How Can People with Oily Skin Protect Themselves from Harmful Solar Exposure?


People with oily skin have a tougher time protecting themselves from harmful solar exposure. They are more prone to sunburns and tanning, which can lead to the development of potentially life-threatening skin cancers later in life.

Protect Your Oily Skin from Harmful Solar Exposure

In order to protect their skin from these dangers, people with oily skin should follow these guidelines:

Be Careful When You Step Outside

Do not stay in the sun for long periods of time and take advantage of wearing protective clothing such as hats and sunglasses. Take extra care when tanning indoors by wearing protective clothing similar to that worn during outdoor activities and apply sunscreen with an SPF value of at least 15-30 minutes before going out into a tanning bed so it can fully absorb into the skin.

People with oily skin should also avoid tanning or sunbathing since this can cause their natural oil glands to overproduce, making their skin even more prone to sun damage.

Protocols of Applying Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) value between 30 and 50 at least 15 minutes before going out into direct sunlight to allow it to fully absorb into the skin. Sunscreens that contain either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are particularly effective because they effectively block UVA and UVB radiation from penetrating the skin. Nowadays, most people prefer using the best Korean sunscreen for oily skin as they provide a barrier between environment and skin without triggering the oil glands.

Avoid using sunscreens containing PABA or cinnamate, which can cause rashes in people who have sensitive skin.

Reapply sunscreen every two hours while outside, even if it is water-resistant and/or includes a high SPF value since most sunscreens do not last longer than two hours. Continue reading

Have You Guys Already Experienced SNS Dip Powder Colors?


Are you preparing dozens of things for your upcoming important event and you are struggling to know how to become more attractive ? So many things to do and improve from head to toe and now you don’t know where to start first? So why don’t you start with the easiest and least time-consuming things? Making nails is the fastest and easiest beauty method. When you have covered the defects on your hand, you will be very confident to do other things.

Have You Guys Already Experienced SNS Dip Powder Colors

In this article, we recommend you to try dipping powder nails, this method is very popular at nail salons or you can easily do it yourself at home with only 30 minutes to 45 minutes. What you need to keep in mind here is which product can help you make nails quickly while still providing beautiful and lasting color effects. SNS dip will absolutely work for you!

Have You Known about the SNS Nail Brand and SNS Dip Nails?

The beauty industry is very developed, among them, the nail industry is very dominant, it is not inferior to any profession in society. In addition, it also brings high income for the nail manicurists and profits for nail salon owners. There are many nail brands in the US, from those with affordable to mid-range and high-end product lines and SNS is a brand specializing in research, production and distribution of nail polish product lines such as: gel nail polish, nail powder and specialized nail dipping powder. Continue reading

What Causes Facial Redness and How to Calm a Red Face?


Although glassy skin seems perfect, most people deal with either facial redness or skin sensitivity. Redness can be annoying and also an indication of underlying health problems. According to dermatologists and industry experts, you might have to deal with facial redness due to acne or rosacea. In this article, we will explore the best skincare products to reduce and neutralize facial redness.

How to Calm a Red Face

What Causes Redness on the Face?

Redness can be caused due to skincare products, health, and lifestyle. When people eat too much alcohol or eat spicy food, they might notice their skin has turned reddish. Overexposure to UV rays or exfoliating the face regularly can also cause facial redness.

Some people are allergic to certain ingredients that are found in certain skincare products, and the red spots are the result of using those products. If facial redness is not a genetic issue, you must visit a dermatologist’s office to find out hidden causes of facial redness. You can’t get the desired result by using skincare products without treating the root cause.

How Do You Calm a Red Face?

Firstly, we will identify the culprit to treat facial redness. Here are reasons a person might deal with reddish skin.

Acne-Related Redness

The acne problem needs to be solved quickly to avoid getting red spots. Skincare products that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid can remove the top layer of the skin while promoting cellular turnover. You can use the best face mask for redness that can smooth skin tone and banish acne. Include an oil-free hydrating cream in your skincare routine because your acne-prone skin can quickly dry out. Continue reading

What Is Necessary to Get the Most Impressive Ombre Nail Designs?


Ombre nail design has just appeared, but it has quickly become popular and become one of the most popular nail techniques today. So, what is the ombre effect? Why is it so popular today? And what do you need to prepare for getting a unique ombre manicure

What Is an Ombre Nail Design? Where Is It From?

Ombre Nail Designs

Ombre is a term that comes from the French word “ombrer”. This is not the name of a certain color, but the concept of the change in shade, the intensity of a color, also known as a splash.

Ombre was preceded by a step in the European weaving process applied to ribbons and fringes.

In the past few years, ombre has been applied and created surprisingly effective in hairdressing, makeup, and fabric dyeing techniques. After that, it gradually became a favorite effect in most fields related to color and nail industry is one of them.

This is the beginning of one of the most popular nail trends today – Nail Ombre designs.

Why Are Nail Omber Designs so Hot?

Break all the rules in creation

More than just a color transition from dark to light, the ombre pattern in nail art really brings top-notch art to the nails. By using 2 or more gel polish colors or dipping powder colors, you can absolutely do your own ombre nail design. Continue reading