Know How the Kiara Sky Monomer Enhancer Upgrades Your Acrylic Nails


Conventional nail polish has gone out of fashion with the arrival of new manicures like acrylic, gel polish, and dip powders. Similarly, acrylic nails gradually phase out because of their inherent demerits like extended drying times, toxic chemicals, etc. Besides, acrylic nail is the most challenging manicure compared to gel polish and dip powder. But the positive aspect is that acrylic nail is the most durable. So, it can regain its popularity if we can speed up its drying and setting process. Kiara Sky monomer enhancer, an innovative product, can help upgrade acrylic nails to a different level by expediting the drying process and enhancing their overall strength.

How Does Kiara Sky Monomer Enhancer Work?

Kiara Sky nail Monomer Enhancer

Monomer enhancers improve the monomer’s performance by reducing drying times and enabling maximum adhesion. Thus, they upgrade the acrylic powder’s consistency and make it easy to apply and retain for extended periods. A few drops of Kiara Sky nail monomer enhancer are sufficient for enhancing the monomer’s performance. Let us now discuss the benefits of using the Kiara Sky monomer enhancer.

Benefits of Kiara Sky Monomer Enhancer

Kiara Sky has introduced the monomer enhancer that can boost the monomer’s performance and popularize acrylic nails. Here are its advantages.

Boosts the monomer’s performance – Generally, acrylic nails lasts comfortably long. However, the acrylic paint color tends to fade after two weeks. The monomer enhancer ensures proper color maintenance and prevents it from fading away. Thus, it boosts the monomer’s performance considerably.

Reduces drying time – The primary disadvantage of acrylic nail is its drying time. The dip powder manicure has the shortest drying times, followed by gel polish that cures quickly under the UV lamp. On the other hand, acrylic nail takes a long time to dry. Usually, you use a fan to dry the acrylic paint. The Kiara Sky monomer enhancer reduces the drying time to half. Hence, you save considerable time, making the acrylic nail manicure as attractive as the others.

Ensures quick adhesion – The monomer enhancer provides the perfect adhesion of acrylic paint to the nails and their extensions. It enables the polymer acrylic powder to bind with the monomer liquid and allows easy application to the nails. Since the nail extensions adhere perfectly to the nail surface, the acrylic nail manicure lasts longer than other manicures.

Improves powder consistency – Generally, the monomer liquid and the polymer powder do not mix well, leading to an inconsistent or clumpy finish. The monomer enhancer ensures that the powder binds with the monomer liquid perfectly and remains consistent throughout the manicure process. Therefore, applying the acrylic bead to the nail surface becomes easy and ensures a level surface.

Prevents crystallization – Another prominent disadvantage of acrylic manicures is the crystallization of the liquid monomer during the winter months. It affects the acrylic manicure significantly. As a result, people avoid using acrylic in winter. But, the monomer enhancer is the perfect solution to this problem. It prevents the liquid monomer from crystallizing in cold climates, allowing people to go for the acrylic manicure throughout the year.

Prevents fluid acrylic – Usually, people do not mix the polymer powder and acrylic monomer liquid well. As a result, they finish with a runny mixture that makes it impossible to form acrylic beads. The Kiara Sky monomer enhancer allows the monomer and powder to mix well and create perfect beads enabling people to have the best Kiara Sky nail.

Prevents discoloration – Acrylic manicures generally lose color with exposure to air and moisture. Hence, the colors become pale after a particular period. As a result, you remove the manicure and go for a fresh one. The Kiara Sky monomer enhancer does not allow the colors to fade. Thus, you do not experience discoloration. So, the manicure lasts comfortably for more than four weeks.

Compatible – The best aspect of the Kiara Sky monomer enhancer is that it is compatible with all monomers. So, you can use it with almost all brands of acrylic nail. However, we advise using Kiara Sky products alone because they gel perfectly with the indigenous monomer enhancer. It improves the nail manicure tremendously and makes it the most attractive nail manicure process.

Readily Available – The Kiara Sky monomer enhancer is available online. You can order the monomer enhancer and the acrylic nail manicure kit and have an excellent manicure.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed nine benefits of using monomer enhancers to make your acrylic nail manicure an exciting experience. The prime benefit of using the monomer enhancer is to expedite the drying process and strengthen the manicure to last longer. So, if you wish to have the best Kiara Sky nails, you should go for the innovative product, the Kiara Sky monomer enhancer.