Top 5 Best Cheap Tattoo Ink According to Your Budget

Best Cheap Tattoo Ink

Every individual would like to use the best ink for getting their new art. Different inks are used for various processes while designing. Some are good for shading, while others for outlining. But when we see online, several brands confuse us to choose the right one. After a short research, a list is made to help you choose the cheap tattoo inks that can provide the richest colors for a long duration.

Chuse Micro Pigment Universal Corrector

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This product is a top permanent tattoo ink certified by SGS. It adopts organic biological pigments that prove to be excellent for multiple procedures on the skin. The brand has used new grinding technology to prepare the powder to provide a faster coloring effect.

After the tattoo process, if something goes bad or darker, you can use this corrector to repair it. Though the product is non-toxic, few individuals might have allergic reactions to the product. So, it is recommended to patch test before applying it on the skin.

Bloodline All Purpose Black Ink

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It is one of the most excellent inks for tattoos used for all purposes. The thick black tattoo ink is made in the USA. You can use the product as it is for tribal black work with magnum needle grouping. Never use the ink straight away from the bottle for outlining the design.

Mix it up with distilled water, Listerine, or witch hazel in a 3:1 ratio. For shading, make it thinner by adding a greater amount of the liquid. The ink contains an organic pigment, propylene glycol, sterile water, and alcohol. So, it is safe to use on any type of skin.

Inkbox Freehand Semi-Permanent Ink

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As clear from the name, Inkbox is a semi-permanent ink that lasts for 1-2 weeks. Made with a unique plant-based formula, the ink is easy to apply and skin-safe. It provides unlimited potential to create your masterpiece.

Since this formula works according to the skin’s natural chemistry, the tattoo color results may vary. It may be blue for some and black for others at the same time. The ergonomically designed bottle allows ease of control and squeezes for those who can’t get permanent tattoos.

Solong Professional Tattoo Ink Set

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Gamma rays sterilize all the pigments of this tattoo ink. With FDA certification, the set is bright and safe to use. There are seven colors in the kit: Bright Red, Lemon Yellow, Light Green, Snow White, Dark Purple, True Black, and Mario’s Blue.

Solong tattoo ink is durable, and neither gets layered nor fades out after some time. Many professional artists recommend it due to its fast absorption into the skin. Moreover, the pigment is completely soluble in water hence, creates dynamic shades.

Millennium UV Blacklight Tattoo Ink

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Millennium Moms design a homogenized ink that flows smoothly. The brand makes sure that your art/work stands out with the vibrant colors of the ink. Known for its consistency, this UV blacklight ink is the best hypoallergenic tattoo ink.

These colors are reliable and will maintain their vibrancy long after application. Many professional artists trust the product due to its outstanding features. There are nine bottles in this set with all different and beautiful colors. It is the perfect ink for your new tattoo according to the budget.


You will not regret your decision to use any of these products. Keep in mind to take a patch test before applying the ink on the skin as your skin might be allergic to some of the ingredients. Provide your tattoo the best ink it needs. Drop down your experience of using these products in the comment section.