Top 7 Best Light Therapy Lamp for Energy, Better Sleep And More

Best Light Therapy Lamp

Phototherapy is the use of light to treat health or cosmetic issues by focusing the light on problematic areas. Various colors of lights are used for this purpose, and they treat different issues. Tremendous advances have been made in this regard, and novel uses are discovered day by day for phototherapy. Below given are the best light therapy lamp for energy, better sleep, and more, which you will be fascinated to know.

Verilux HappyLight VT10 Compact Bright White Light

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The bright white light with an intensity of 10000 lux serves as an adequate light for therapy. It has a lens dimension of 20 sq inches and is of ideal size for placing it in kitchens or desktops. The small size allows you to take frequent as well as long sessions of light therapy, and the light operates using a simple on/off button.

This light helps your body to focus, energize, and revitalize your body by improving your mood and sleep.

Red Light Therapy Device UL Certified

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This infrared Led light device emits 660nm and 850nm wavelength of light that effectively treats the skin and provides pain relief. The light bulb consists of 6 light beads of each frequency, and each session requires 20-30 minutes for pain relief in one area.

It has irradiance > 100mW / cm2and penetrates the skin deeply and slightly increases the pressure on the pain point, leading to effective pain relief. Hence it is the best light therapy device for pain relief, which reduced pain without any invasive procedures or chemical drugs.

Light Therapy Lamp, SMY Blue Light Energy Lamp

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The effect of blue light lamp is similar to that of 10000 lux white light and mimics the blue sky with a bright sun. It provides enough natural light for the daily light intake, even if you are not able to go outdoors. This light has two brightness adjustment levels to choose from and also has a timer. A 20-30-minute session helps you to fight winter blues, fatigue, and energy dips effectively.

PEGASI 2 – Smart Light Therapy Glasses

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The smart sleeping glasses help you to regulate the circadian rhythm and to manage the body’s biological clock that, in turn, improves sleep quality and enhances your mood. It treats insomnia, sleep issues, and low energy levels during day kind of issues just by wearing it for 30 minutes during the morning for a week.

You can wear these foldable and lightweight glasses on your prescription glasses also. They do not interfere with your daily activities like brushing or exercising, and you can wear them even while doing those tasks.

NorbSmile Full-Spectrum “Sunlike” Premium LED Light Bulb

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The US-based patented light bulb has a full spectrum to brighten you throughout your day and keeps your mood uplifted. It boosts your energy and productivity as it imitates the sunlight, excluding the harmful UV rays and displays natural and clear colors.

Combatting the winter blues and the SAD using this one-of-a-kind light is best when you use it during the daytime where you spend most of your time. This bulb is one of the best sad light therapy lamps as itis designed to emit a precise and consistent spectrum.

Philips SmartSleepSleep & Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp

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The alarm cum sleep therapy lamp uses the concept of sunrise to improve your sleep quality.  It has a new technique of relaxing and breathe to fall asleep and wakes you up with a sunrise colored light. After consistent use of 2 weeks, you will find the difference in your energy and well-being due to improved sleep patterns.

As this light brightens up gradually, just like the rising sun, you just feel it like the sun rises and wake up naturally than suddenly.

iHomeZenergy Dream Mini iZBT7 Bluetooth Sleep Therapy Machine

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The Bluetooth speaker with soothing nature sounds and 14 light therapy programs serves as an anti-stress and sleep therapy device. You can achieve color-changing modes as the LED colors blend to create various mood-enhancing colors. It has custom light and sound settings options as well as gradual wake functions. Dedicated buttons for various modes make the settings easy.


The full light spectrum has various colored lights, and each color resolves some or the other issue. Especially the bright sunlight with the full spectrum is useful in resolving the mental health issues and boosts your mood. Phototherapy works best when you are equipped with the best light therapy lamp for energy, better sleep, and more of such positive benefits.

Using light as therapy has other advantages like it does not require any painful procedures or drugs to treat the issues it handles.