What Causes Facial Redness and How to Calm a Red Face?


Although glassy skin seems perfect, most people deal with either facial redness or skin sensitivity. Redness can be annoying and also an indication of underlying health problems. According to dermatologists and industry experts, you might have to deal with facial redness due to acne or rosacea. In this article, we will explore the best skincare products to reduce and neutralize facial redness.

How to Calm a Red Face

What Causes Redness on the Face?

Redness can be caused due to skincare products, health, and lifestyle. When people eat too much alcohol or eat spicy food, they might notice their skin has turned reddish. Overexposure to UV rays or exfoliating the face regularly can also cause facial redness.

Some people are allergic to certain ingredients that are found in certain skincare products, and the red spots are the result of using those products. If facial redness is not a genetic issue, you must visit a dermatologist’s office to find out hidden causes of facial redness. You can’t get the desired result by using skincare products without treating the root cause.

How Do You Calm a Red Face?

Firstly, we will identify the culprit to treat facial redness. Here are reasons a person might deal with reddish skin.

Acne-Related Redness

The acne problem needs to be solved quickly to avoid getting red spots. Skincare products that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid can remove the top layer of the skin while promoting cellular turnover. You can use the best face mask for redness that can smooth skin tone and banish acne. Include an oil-free hydrating cream in your skincare routine because your acne-prone skin can quickly dry out.

Redness from Dryness

If your skin is dry and dull, then there is a high chance of hidden skin damage. Hence, your dry skin is most vulnerable to infections that result from microorganisms.

These infections can turn skin reddish and increase sensitivity to various skincare products. You should reduce the use of exfoliating products because it can remove the natural moisture and increase redness. Make sure to apply face moisturizers that include essential hydrating ingredients.

Rosacea-Related Redness

Rosacea is one of the serious skin conditions that can make the skin appear red. You must consult a dermatologist or skin doctor to prescribe the products that can reduce the chances of redness increasing. Include redness relieving products in the new regimen, and don’t apply any cream that can increase facial redness.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

According to a skin doctor, this skin condition can be treated by using facial cleansers and toners to reduce redness. You should apply the best green tea toners to reduce inflammation and ease redness. Include a facial cleanser that doesn’t contain fragrance and is gentle on the skin. Seborrheic dermatitis caused by redness can be neutralized by applying Shea butter face creams.


Both environmental problems and genetic factors can result in eczema conditions. You will need to avoid using skin care products that contain irritants and allergens because the skin condition can worsen with harsh ingredients.

Most dermatologists recommend topical steroids and moisturizers to their eczema patients. Look for moisturizers that include glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides since they can soothe the skin. You might have to take some antibiotics on the recommendation of the skin doctor to reduce the chances of increasing the skin problem.


We hope now you understand various skin conditions and health problems that can result in redness. You must find the main problem before using any skincare product. Make sure to contact a dermatologist and understand which skincare products must be avoided and what ingredients must be found in products.