All That You Need to Know About Acne


All That You Need to Know About Acne

Remember those years when you were still a teenager and dealing with pimples problem? Well, some people moved on from that phase of their lives. Some people still deal with breakouts every once in a while. Have you ever wondered, what exactly causes acne? Have you ever questioned yourself how you can fix this thing?

Oh, the stress of dealing with acne problem can be overwhelming. Especially if you are someone who loves makeup, applying products can cause even more reactions. But you should never feel like acne is the thing that is holding you back. If you understand the causes and how to handle it, you will be good. In this article, we will share you some tips on how you can manage your acne problems. Keep reading to find out more.

The Common Causes of Acne

In the USA, acne is the most common skin problems. Even though the presence of acne is not fatal, it can be very painful and overwhelming. And, due to society’s point of view, those with severe acne problem tends to suffer emotional distress as well. For the majority of teenagers, this can impact their self-esteem. Often, severe acne problem will lead to permanent scars on the skin.

Some of the most common causes of acne include having too much oil accumulated in your follicles. You might also have many dead skin cells and bacteria all building up in your pores. When they are too much of bad kinds of stuff in your skin, it will definitely cause acne. Other than that, certain types of food will also trigger acne. These include:

  • Bread
  • Bagels
  • Potato Chips
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dairy Products
  • Ice Cream
  • Soda
  • Pizza

If you are constantly eating the majority of this food, the causes of your acne might be due to them. In order for you to be able to treat your acne, you have to control the intakes of these foods. Of course, we can’t really avoid the cravings. But if you fuel the cravings with more than what you should have consumed, that’s where the problem lies in.

Multiple Types of Acne Treatment

There are multiple types of acne treatment which you can try. Some of the common ones include you naturally dealing with them first. However, while treating your acne, it is very important for you not to trigger them by doing some of these:

  • Over cleansing your skin with harsh cleansers and chemicals
  • Picking your skin blemishes
  • Not giving your skin enough chance to adapt to new products
  • Letting your skin staying dehydrated
  • Not patient enough to treat your acne

These are just some of the most common mistakes that people tend to make. They say they want to treat their acne but still ended up making these mistakes. When it comes to treatments, they include:

  • Topical medications such as benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol, salicylic acid, sulfur, and tretinoin
  • Systemic therapy that includes antibiotics and multiple medications
  • Light therapy devices for acne problem
  • Proper cleaning and exfoliating sessions
  • Eating the right food

If you do all of these, you can be sure that your acne will be healed quickly. You should also visit a dermatologist for a better understanding of your problem if you are struggling with severe acne.

Prevention of Acne Problem

All kinds of health-related problems should be prevented rather than cured. This is because preventing it from happening is a lot easier compared to treating it. This rings true with acne as well. If you want to have smooth skin and blemish-free, you should not be lazy in taking care of yourself.

Always Clean Your Makeup Brushes – 72% of women around the world never clean their makeup sponges or brushes. This is where the dirt and bacteria can be found the most. It is common to see a woman having breakouts just because of her dirty makeup brushes and sponges.

Eat Mixed Nuts – Some of the nuts that you should eat include walnuts and Brazil nuts. This is because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. Both of these can improve the elasticity of the skin and lower the skin inflammation problem.

Use Face Serum – When compared to lotion or face cream, serums are much more concentrated. All you need is just a small amount of it daily and you will start seeing the results. It gives your skin that smooth and firm-looking appearance that you are looking. This is because it supports the structure of your skin. To get the best results, you should apply face serum right after you wash your face. Then, apply either moisturizer or sunscreen.

Hit The Sack Early – Oh, we can’t stress how important beauty sleep is! Everyone needs to understand that sleep deprivation leads to lower blood circulation. This is why you tend to look pale when you suffer from lack of sleep. Cut down the time you have on your smartphones when it comes to bedtime. Avoid interacting with any technology and focus on trying to sleep early at night.

Stay Out of Steamy Shower – Everyone loves warm water. But it’s actually not good for your skin. Not only will it creates a mild burn, it can also heat strip essential oils. As you age, it can take longer for your body to recover from a hot shower. Try not to take a steamy shower too often. When washing your face, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. If you end it with warm water, you risk your skin being exposed to bacteria throughout the day.

Use Light Therapy For Acne – It is proven by studies that light therapy is actually very good for the skin. Not only will the right light therapy be able to enhance your mood, your mind and body will also benefit from it. There are many LED light therapy home devices which you can buy in the market these days.

All of these simple tips may seem unimportant but they are crucial if you want to fight against acne problems. If you make sure you do all of them as part of your life routine, you will be able to treat your acne.

Management Tips for Acne Problem

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. If you don’t treat it right, it will betray you. Even scientists admitted that they don’t truly understand acne. There is no formal cure for it but we can always avoid it. When it comes to skincare, preventing always the cure for every skin problem. Make sure your pores are not clogged up. Make sure you eat enough vegetables. Make sure you practice good workout sessions. All of these will contribute to a better skin appearance. And, even if none of these work well, you can always visit a dermatologist today and let professionals take good care of your skin for you.