Everything You Need to Know about Dip Nails


You just finish doing your fabulous looking nails! You on the way home and getting out of your car you, by accident, hit your nail on the car door. You look at your nails and you have a big chip knocked off that nail. Today’s gel nail polish is stronger, more resilient, and less subject to ugly chips, broke nails, and hideous looking nail tears.  The latest technology, dip powder – The biggest brand is sns nails is one of most durable nail polishes on the market.

kiarasky dipping powder

Image: Pucebeauty.com

How the Dip Powder Process Works

The dip powder application process is simple and flawless. Once you have dipped your nails in the dipping powder, you just seal the color with a protective clear coat polish. To make it even more convenient, we have a dip powder starter kit.

Advantages of the Dipping Powder Process

Great option for do at-home manicures.

You will save time and money over salon acrylic or gel polish manicures.

No exposure to inhaling harmful dust contaminates as you are exposed to when an acrylic polish manicure is applied.

No exposure to UV light.

Unlike gel or acrylic polish manicures, the powder will not stick to your skin.

Dipping Powder Manicure lasts up to one month.

Dipping Powder dries instantly, unlike gel and acrylic polishes that require time under a UV or LED light to dry.

How Safe is the Dipping Powder Process?

How safe are dipping powders. The application of dipping powders system is considered safe. Unlike traditional gel polish manicures and acrylic polish manicures, dipping powders do not need to be exposed to UV light because they are made so they will air-dry on your hands.  Some customers with concerns with UV light exposure will appreciate this product. Dipping Powders are safe and use natural indigents. However, dipping powders do have share some of the same chemicals as traditional polishes.

Dipping Powder Tips

The longer the color stays on your nails, the longer your soak removal time will be.

Normally if you have worn your dipping powder color five to seven days, approximately 15 soaking time is required to completely remove the color off your nails.

Your dipping powder manicure color will last usually up to four weeks. However, your soaking removal time will be longer, usually at least thirty minutes.

LDS Dipping Powder manicures are great when you need stronger nails.

Dipping Powder are a great alternative to expensive fashion art glitter and rhinestone manicures.

Dipping powders are available from other manufacturers such as: OPI dipping power, kiarasky dipping powder… which already have the glitter and rhinestones elements made in the dipping powder.

The nail at-home manicure products today match and surpass your salon shop products, accessories, and materials. Doing your nails at home could not be any simpler. we have tutorials, blogs, and loads of useful information on how to apply the latest nail manicure products.  If you have a question, you can have an online chat with one of their informative nail salon experts! Check out our website today!