Get Glitter Floral Pattern Nail with Few Products from LDS


Are you tired of fixing your chipped DND nail polish just few days after you had it done on the salon? If you are, you might want to consider ditching the old plain polish and switch to using Nail Dipping Powder. Dip Powder is the latest trend in nail art that is a hybrid between fake nails and manicure. It requires less special tools and when done correctly it can last up to five weeks.

Get Glitter Floral Pattern Nail

What you’ll need

LDS Clear Powder
LDS Base Powder
LDS D157 Endless Love
LDS D50 Ladyfingers
LDS D143 Crème de la Crème
LDS Liquid Gel Base
LDS Liquid Sealer Dry

Looks that you can do

1. Gradient Nail Design

Monotone nail designs are slowly being forgotten because the modern technology is telling us that there are limitless possibilities that we can do to our nails.  Manicure nowadays uses two or more tone that makes it more interesting and vibrant. Like gradient nail design where one color fades to switch to another shade.

2. French Tip Ombre

The French tip manicure that we love is now evolving itself to a trendier and edgier look. From a nude basecoat, using nail dipping powder can now be done to achieve a more upscale effect. Just combine any of the LDS dipping powder above and you’ll surely be surprised with how many styles you can make.

3. Sugar-Effect Floral Nail Design

Aside from using glittered nail polish, a nail dipping powder that also give you a shinny effect but less the harm you can get from using glitters. Since glitters don’t melt and goes to the water once washed, nail dipping powder is a good alternative while it will not harm your body and the environment. It also gives a slight 3D effect as the sugar-effect floral nail is embossed.

4. Nude Ombre Nail

Not all women likes extravagant nail art, some would prefer to go for nude and natural look. But that could get boring eventually. The LDS nail dipping powder listed above can turn your traditional nude nail art to a millennial nude ombre nail. It can be achieved by combining the right nail dipping powder. The use of nail dipping powder will give your nail a more contemporary look but not too loud so you are still on the same minimalist theme, it was just enhanced.

5. Pink to White Ombre Nail Design

Again, you want to stay minimalist, you can achieve that without being boring by combining the shade of pink and white in one nail. The combination of LDS Base Powder, LDS D50 Ladyfingers and LDS D143 Crème de la crème will give you that pink to white ombre nail design that will change your usual minimalist manicure to mini-wow-ist.

Update your classic monotone nails to ombre looking nail design by using the same products over and over. You just have to unleash your creative side and you will surely never run out of nail designs to try.