Unbeatable Trends on OPI Gel Polish and Gel Nail Starter Kit


The interpretation of the term manicure has taken a new turn recently. A painted nail or gel nail depicts grown-up elegance and classic. Women are now using gel nail and gel polish to convey their individuality, creativity, humor, and fashion savvy. Fashion is no longer limited to clothing and shoes; nails also play a vital role in the fashion industry. Nail is an affordable and acceptable accessory in the fashion world. Nail brings accent, balance, and completion to your look. It is customizable and relatable to women, irrespective of their age or style, and size.

Now, with the emergence of OPI gel polish online and our OPI gel nail starter kit, you have the opportunity to explore as much as you desire in the world of pedicure and manicure.

Different people have different reasons why they prefer their natural nails or fixing gel nails. It is the same with a painting of a nail. Whether a natural or artificial nail, every decision comes with choosing between a nail polish or gel polish.

Gel polish is now a recent beauty mainstay. Many love its indestructible and glossy nature. Gel polish is from more vital components that hold the nail tighter, unlike regular nail polish. It is more flexible; gel polish dries under a LED lamp or UV. Gel polish can only remove when you soak it in acetone for about ten minutes.

Both the nail gel and polish add to the beauty of your fingernails, toenails, and overall outfit. OPI gel nail polish kit offers you gel polish with several shades. The gel polish is relatively easy to apply and remove.

Let’s discuss the difference between nail polish and gel polish

One of the significant differences between nail and gel polish is the duration of wear. Gel polish can last you for four weeks and not peel off; this might not be the same with nail polish. The nail polish can dry with Air; gel polish requires a LED light or UV to stiffen and dry the gel faster. With nail gel polish, you don’t have to fret for stains.

It can also cost you more money to apply your nail gel polish in the salon than the typical classic polish. It is so because you may have to stay longer in the salon when wearing gel polish. For every coat that is applied, you have to dry it under the LED or UV light. Women using gel polish on their natural nails may need to repaint often if their nails grow fast.

Just like nail polish, gel polish also protects the nail from cracking. Gel nail polish does not scrap or damage easily; it helps the lifespan of the nails. There is a significant shortcoming attached to the use of nail polish and gel polish separately.

The nail polish gets damaged and chips easily. On the contrary, gel polish is challenging to get off.

What Do You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Gel Manicure?

We have a lot of misconceptions about the use of gel nail polish. It is therefore important to talk about them.

Gel Nail Polish Don’t Need Air

People believe the nail should breathe; in a real sense, our nails do not need Air. The gel polish stops your nails from breathing, just like regular nail polish will do.

OPI Gel Nails Are Natural Nails

Some believe that gel nail is a fake nail; no! There is a distinction between acrylics and gel nails. We place the acrylic nail on the natural nail; it will make it look longer. The gel polish will be on the nails you have already.

Gel Polish Weakens Nail Beds

Gel polish can weaken your nail bed, but it can’t damage your natural nail. It is your nail cuticles and beds that are sensitive to Air. When you choose to get your nail gel off at home, your nail bed can get damaged. It is therefore advisable to visit a professional to wear and remove your gel polish or gel nail.

Components of Gel Polish

Ingredients used to produce gel polish are; a reactive monomer, a multifunctional silicone urethane acrylate oligomer, and a photoinitiator. The oligomer and acrylic monomers hold together when it is under the LED or UV light. It is this process that we call curing.

How Safe Are Gel Manicures For Use?

Some research finalized that too much exposure to UV or LED light can result in skin cancer; the study is not accurate with recent research. JAMA Dermatology concludes the chances of developing cancer are slim. It is essential to use UVA-protective gloves or physical block sunscreens to reduce the chances of photoaging and carcinogenesis.


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